Slide Pucks “with Fire”
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Slide Pucks “with Fire”

  • 2 Slidepucks, 5 flints each puck
  • Puck size: 80x16mm
  • Flint size: 10x13mm
  • Long durability
  • Enormous spark output
  • Hi-tech plastic formula for best icy glide
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Bam Bam Pucks are slidepucks for downhill skateboarding. Place them by velcro fastener, on every slideglove. The 5 integrated flints ensure a spectacular spark output while you touch the ground during you slide and delight any audience. You will feel even more like a rocket.

They are not just slide pucks! Apart from the visual beauty of our product, it impresses with its abrasion resistance, lubricity and durability. Our pucks survive much longer than conventional UMHW slide pucks.

In cooperation with a local Swiss plastic company, we tested for months different formulas until we decided for a very high quality and upstanding plastic. Our pucks surpassing anything previously seen on the market.

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